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Capital Resource Utilization - CRUX

Human Capital Solutions

Whether it's - Strategy, Leadership, Operations, Technology, Organizational Development, Diversity and Inclusion, Employee Engagement, Business Continuity, Operational Resilience, Organizational Design, Transformation and Change, Culture and Climate, Lean, Performance Management, or something else...

Let us help you find your X - We're here to support your organization in achieving its full potential.

> Initial Consultation - Reach out to us at (281) 210-7760 or provide a detailed email at and one of our consultants will assist.

> Strategic Planning Session - We can meet remotely or in person to actively plan and prepare for future solutions implementation.

> Customized Solutions - Our consultants can provide you with active support, guide you through the implementation, or be on site to assist as needed. 

We are headquartered in Austin, Texas and have consultants across the U.S. to serve you. We are currently opening our London, U.K. office.

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